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Inclusion & Diversity Forum 2024



11-14 June 2024, Ostend, Belgium

THE place to be for everyone active in the inclusion & diversity field. The ID Forum will bring together 130 people to exchange expertise and practices and propose ideas to make the EU Youth programmes more inclusive and accessible to all.


The Inclusion & Diversity Forum is an international conference organized by SALTO Inclusion & Diversity focused on creating greater visibility for inclusion & diversity and building bridges between inclusion-related practice, policy and research within the EU youth programmes.

ID Forum 2024: Advocating for better and meaningful inclusion 

The Inclusion & Diversity Forum 2024 is happening during the Belgian Presidency of the EU and mid-term evaluation of the EU Youth Programmes. On the one hand, SALTO I&D is evaluating and reflecting on the inclusion impact of and the achievements in the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ since their implementation in 2021. On the other hand, we are supporting the Belgian Presidency of the EU in the reflections on social inclusion.

We are taking the learnings from these processes as lessons, inspiration, and recommendations to make the current and next generations of the programmes more inclusive. Thus, the role of youth policy, lobbying and advocating for inclusion & diversity will be a central theme of this event.

Aims and Objectives

To create greater visibility for inclusion & diversity and build bridges between stakeholders active in the field within the EU youth programmes (Erasmus+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps).


  • To learn from and exchange practices for advocating and lobbying for inclusion & diversity.
  • To reflect on inclusion & diversity achievements in the current EU Youth Programmes and anticipate future challenges and opportunities.
  • To create an opportunity for dialogue and mutual support between Inclusion & Diversity Officers from Erasmus+ National Agencies, beneficiaries, and other I&D actors.

Who is this event for?

The ID Forum will bring together around 130 participants, ranging from practitioners working directly with young people with fewer opportunities (youth workers, youth leaders, coaches, social workers) as well as policymakers, researchers, Inclusion & Diversity Officers from Erasmus+ National Agencies, and representatives from youth work organisations, the European Commission and the EU Belgian Presidency.

We’re happy to welcome you if you have experience, expertise or a strong desire to learn and contribute to the main theme: “Advocating for better and meaningful inclusion ” in the framework of the EU Youth Programmes Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. Ideally, if you identify yourself as belonging to one or more of the following groups:

  • Youth workers, youth leaders or social workers: working with young people with fewer opportunities, regularly in an organisation or an informal group (paid or volunteer positions).
  • Activists, change makers and multipliers that are connected to youth work, especially working on inclusion and diversity topics and addressing barriers.
  • Policymakers involved in youth policy/advocacy or I&D-related topics
  • Researchers in the field of inclusion and/or advocacy matters.

We especially invite people to apply that identify themselves as having a lived experience of inclusion and overcoming barriers. This could mean for example, but is not limited to, if you faced social, economic or geographic barriers, you are a single parent with a minority background, a young person living in an isolated, rural area, or a trans person going through the transition with lack of emotional support. This forum will not be possible without you in the room.

Find out more about the upcoming and previous editions of the ID Forum at idforum.salto-youth.net.

Application procedure

You can apply until 11 March 2024 23:59 CET via the SALTO-Youth platform (click on “Apply now!”). The ‘motivation and background’ questions can be answered by completing the form. We’re aiming for a group that is diverse in terms of experience and expertise. The selection will be made by SALTO I&D, in consultation with the organising team and the Erasmus+ National Agencies co-funding this activity. We will inform you by 1 April 2024 at the latest whether you are selected or not.

If you experience difficulties with the registration form or have any questions related to the application or the event, please contact Henrique Gonçalves via henrique@salto-youth.net.

Source: https://www.salto-youth.net/

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